Control Room


Why is the Android app not available in my country?

Google requires the developer to handle collecting & remitting sales tax for a lot of countries. I’m not an accountant, so I decided to forego selling the app in some countries to avoid the extra financial & legal complications. I try to cover as many countries as possible.

Does the Lightroom plugin support Lightroom 5 or older?

No, the Lightroom plugin requires functionality that is only made available in Lightrom 6 or newer.

Does the Android app work with Lightroom on macOS? Does the iOS app work with Lightroom on Windows?

Yes, the Android or iOS app can work with macOS or Windows.

Is there a trial version of Control Room?

Control Room Basic, currently only for Android, functions as a basic version of Control Room. It provides a few of the features of the full version, allowing you to get a feel for how the app works. Eventually there should be an iOS version.

Can multiple mobiles devices connect to the same computer?

No, it is currently not possible to connect multiple devices to the same computer running Lightroom.

Do I need to purchase the iOS and Android version seperately?

Yes, due to the iOS and Android version of the app being on seperate stores, bundling is not possible.

Does Control Room work over Bluetooth or USB?

No, at this time, Control Room requires a Wi-Fi connected mobile device.

Does Control Room work with a mobile hotspot or tethering?

Yes, as long as the mobile device and the computer with Lightroom are connected on the same hotspot.

Does Control Room work with other photo editing software?

No, Control Room only works for Adobe Lightroom. No other program is supported, there are no plans to support other software.